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small words in a vast universe is an e-zine slash newsletter published by me, Nadine Anne Hura, weekly(ish). Subscribers can expect a semi-regular mixed bag of sweets directly to the inbox: essays, columns, forays into comedic auto-fiction, politics, poetry and odes to lost pets. I am based in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Ko wai au? | Who am I?

I descend from two rivers; the Mersey in England on my mother's side and Waiōmio (Ngāti Hine) on my father's. I work in the climate change meets-the-arts sector, and I am a member of the independent publishing collective Taraheke Press. I write a regular column for The Spinoff, where I cover politics and climate justice with a Te Tiriti lens. The stories I share here in iti te kupu pick up on those threads in a slower and more personal style; weaving in threads of grief, healing, whakapapa (ancestry), language revitalisation, art, literature and of course, my love of everything hand-made = Small words, vast kaupapa.

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In order to maintain a safe publishing environment, I ask readers to sign up to read certain stories. It's free (just choose the $0 plan) but I do use a paywall occasionally for stories that are more personal and suited to smaller audiences. Anyone is welcome to join the reader community behind the paywall, and I really appreciate those who are able and willing. The cost is $5 per month or $50 per year. There's also a slighter higher tier for those wanting to support me to give away free subs to those who need it. See the the Fine Print below for more info.

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The fine print: Why subscribe?

iti te kupu: small words in a vast universe is primarily a kaupapa/cause-driven newsletter meaning accessibility is key (i.e. free!). However, I do ask readers to subscribe/sign in, which helps keep the space safe for me and for others.

Behind the paywall, you'll find musings about my complicated relationship with alcohol, leaving my marriage & parenting solo, first love, and the things I've learned about lies & truth. I also share reflections on the stories behind my published columns.

Paid subscriptions support me to write and publish my work independently. I can't overstate the significance of this! It means I can invest more time in not-for-profit activities that disrupt traditional modes of publishing and it also allows me to support other kaituhi Māori to do the same. I appreciate being able to stand outside mainstream platforms and critique their practices more independently. So far, paid subscriptions have allowed me to fully self-fund my chapbook, Narrating the Seasons of Grief.

Other ways to support include: reading and sharing iti te kupu with friends, contributing to the discussion, buying a zine or chapbook, or just by being here with an open and generous mind. Please get in touch if you need a complimentary subscription, or if you have been a paid subscriber in the past but need to downgrade as circumstances change.

Finally, please check out the Poppin’ Off Pānui where you'll find loads of other indigenous writers and artists to follow and support.

Ka nui ngā mihi ki a koutou katoa - thank you!